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Our history

Founder Flor Marín discovered her vocation at an early age and began her commitment walking the streets, sharing entire nights with homeless people. She began to delve deeper into the Barrio de la Cava, generating close ties with each family, trying to embrace every need.

She developed a community lifestyle, deciding to live and sleep with people who were going through problems of addictions, abandonment, violence and marginalization.

In 2014 she received an invitation to travel to Colombia to form a community center with a group of young. When she returned, she looked for a house in Tigre district, bought 10 bunk beds and waited for those who were looking to be hugged and rest to arrive.

This is how it started in 2016 Libertad Eterna with its first Shelter House for young men with the aim of creating a space of residential inclusion where they can provide care and support that promotes the integral restitution of the person. The results were more than satisfactory, to the point that teenagers from the neighborhood, spontaneously, came to ask for help and a place to stay.


First Shelter House.

This process coincided with the interest of the Children's Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires in signing a collaboration agreement to open a second home as a Children's Home Specialized in Addictions on Williams Street, also in Tigre.


Thus, in 2019, the Specialized Communal Living Home began to operate, responsible for the protection, accompaniment and care of girls, boys and adolescents from 8 to 14 years old who, due to circumstances of exceptional vulnerability, require the adoption of a judicial shelter measure and to be received in an alternative living space to their family group.

Currently there are more than 80 girls, boys and young people in the 6 residential care facilities


Second Shelter House.

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